Group planning Pueblo National Marijuana Museum pauses $200k Kickstarter campaign

An ambitious plan to raise enough money to fund the nation’s first marijuana museum in Pueblo is momentarily on pause.

The group, led by Pueblo realtor Branson Haney, launched a Kickstarter campaign after announcing the museum plans after the November 2016 election. But less than $300 has been donated to the $200,000 goal, so the group decided to put the fundraising component on hold.

“We have temporarily paused the Kickstarter campaign to revamp our marketing and funding goals,” Haney told PULP. “The project is still in full swing with an effort to target some larger local donors and supporters. We will relaunch the Kickstarter campaign again soon – most likely within the next six weeks.”

The Kickstarter funding period, which started on April 20, was to end mid-July.

Haney told PULP in November, when the project launched, he believes Pueblo is an ideal place for the museum because of the thriving industry, not to mention having the biggest outdoor grow in the nation and the Institute of Cannabis Research at CSU-Pueblo.

“We want Pueblo to be the epicenter of marijuana education,” Haney previously said. “People fear what they don’t know.”

Many in the industry believed a lack of education to be a driving force in a contentious election cycle in which two separate ballot measures threatened to end the legal cannabis industry in Pueblo altogether. After both measures decisively failed the museum was announced as a sort of victory.

Without sinking the ballot measures, the museum wouldn’t have made sense in Pueblo, said Jim Parco, who owns a recreational marijuana shop with his wife in Pueblo County and is a co-founding board member of the museum, told PULP following the November museum announcement.

For now, the National Marijuana Museum, which is scheduled to open in 2018, is still early in its planning and development stages.

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