Pueblo County COVID-19 cases grow by 30 in a week, doubling rate slowing

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In just a week, Pueblo has seen 30 new COVID-19 cases raising the total number of positives to 88 up from 58 on April 11. In two weeks Pueblo’s positives case numbers have doubled up from 44 on April 4.  

The Pueblo County numbers:

  • 88 positives
  • 6 deaths
  • 649 tested

*As of Saturday 18, 2020.

Why it matters: At a time when some counties around Pueblo are calling on Governor Jared Polis to open Colorado on April 26 – the center of Southern Colorado saw another bad week. 

It was expected: Pueblo’s Director of Public Health Randy Evetts told PULP on April 7, he expected to see Pueblo’s peak later than Denver’s peak. Evetts said that he expects Pueblo’s peak to occur mid-April to early May.

The doubling rate is taking longer (this is good): In the last week of March, Pueblo County’s positives cases were doubling every 1-2 days. During the first week of April, it was from 3 days to 5 days. Currently, the doubling rate of new cases is around 12.5 days for Pueblo. In comparison to other counties:

  • Denver – 14 days
  • El Paso County – 24 days
  • Boulder County – 17.5 days
  • Morgan County – 5 days

The doubling rate shows how quickly the virus spreads. The longer the time to double is better.

We don’t know if Pueblo County is plateauing or peaking. 

We don’t know if the rural counties are going to be spared or they are up next to their rise.

The big picture: 

Pueblo’s growth in new cases comes at a time of public frustration when there are calls to reopen rural and small city Colorado. It presents the possibility that at a time when Colorado starts to reopen Southern Colorado will be experiencing their peaks.