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A sign posted on 40th Lane near where the gravel mine would operate. Photo by Kara Mason

Pueblo County Commissioners delay decision to hear gravel permit case

Pueblo County Commissioners were slated to decide whether to hear an appeal regarding a gravel pit mine in Eastern Pueblo County Wednesday, but the commissioners collectively decided they haven’t had enough time to work through the related case documents.

Now, the commissioners will decide whether public appeals will follow at a June 14 meeting.

The commissioners may also consider to change the timeline rules surrounding appeals. Commissioner Terry Hart said during the meeting that the commissioners would be doing a disservice by zipping through the case in less than a week of seeing the documents.

“The courts don’t put that kind of constraint on themselves,” Hart said, adding that the package of documents didn’t seem to be complete.

If the commissioners decide to hear the appeal, public hearings will follow. But if the commissioners don’t hear the appeal, then the decision by the planning and development board to grant the permit to Fremont Paving for a gravel pit off of 40th Lane will stand.




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