Alison Gervais signing copies of her novel "In 27 Days" (Instagram)

Pueblo author inks Hollywood movie deal with young adult novel

PUEBLO — The virally popular novel “In 27 Days” written by Pueblo author Alison Gervais is set to become a movie.

While the timeline for the upcoming film isn’t detailed yet, Gervais said she’s thrilled about her story hitting the big screen. 

Courtesy of Blink Publishing

“I’m very excited, yes! I can’t wait! It’s going to be a long process but we’ll see what happens,” she told PULP. 

Gervais, who recently moved to California with her husband, graduated from Pueblo West High School and Colorado State University-Pueblo with an English degree. She started the novel at the age of 16 while flying back from a conference for young Catholics in Chicago.

Since she started writing the young adult story on the writer website Wattpad, her work has garnered millions of views. Gervais previously said she’d get thousands of emails about her writing each day. 

The novel’s main character Hadily Jamison finds out a classmate, Archer Morales, commits suicide. Even not knowing Archer, Hadily attends his funeral anyway hoping to gain closure. There she is introduced to a man named Death. He propositions her to a deal. If she accepts, Death will rewind time by 27 days and Hadily will have the chance to save Archer from his own suicide.

Of course, Hadily accepts, but understanding Archer is more difficult than Hadily imagined, especially after the two begin to drift apart.

Dan Angel, a Hollywood film producer whose worked on TV series and movies such as “The X-Files” and Emmy-winning series “Door to Door” on TNT, is developing the movie for Fezziwig Studios, according to a recent Variety report. 

Gervais said she never wrote the novel in hopes of publishing or to gain a massive following as the book did, but she’s also really pleased with how the novel has resonated with people, especially because Gervais has struggled with many of the topics in “In 27 Days” herself.

“I was diagnosed with depression when I was 13,” Gervais said. “And I still believe mental health is a taboo subject.”

Writing was the only way Gervais said she could step back from her depression. It was a world she could create in which she was in control.

“My personal experiences translated into the novel,” Gervais said. “It (suicide) is a delicate subject, but one that needs to addressed more.”

Gervais is releasing her second novel “The Silence Between Us” in August.