Psychic weighs in on Armageddon

Psychics have claimed to have premonitions of an apocalypse for thousands of years. Nostradamus, a 16th century French “seer”, said he didn’t have any predictions past 3797, possibly marking the end of the world… he also said a comet would split the moon in two by 2012.
Psychic and author Sylvia Browne disagrees in her recent book “Prophecy”. She doesn’t believe the world is heading for Armageddon but there will be more cases of skin cancer and breathing problems in 2013.

John Titor, a man claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036, said the United States would engage in a civil war in the 2012 and a world war in 2015 that causes 3 billion deaths.

There are several other predictions out there and even more dates. The world was to end in 1884 (Bible calculations), 1982 (Jupiter Effect), 2006 (6/6/2006), and most famously 2000 (Y2K).

With the Mayan doomsday date, December 21 2012, drawing closer and predictions from psychics all over, I decided to pay a trip to a local psychic. The sign at 3221 N. Elizabeth Street advertises for Gina’s tarot card readings. She specializes in predicting love and fortune.

Our interview was quick and to the point. She rushed me into a side room where two oversized chairs faced each other. I was told to sit as she closed the doors. There wasn’t a trace of the stereotypical psychic equipment, no incense or potions, not even a crystal ball. Instead biblical figurines filled the side tables and a large painting of Jesus seemed to gaze over us and admire the room.


Before I could even finish my explanation of the article I was planning to write, she cut in to say that the world wasn’t going to end. She seemed fairly certain. When Jesus is peeking over your shoulder and a psychic is looking you straight in the eye telling you the world won’t end, you forget the next question you’re going to ask.

“They’re all just trying to make a buck,” she said and then hurried on to her own postulation. She said that the end of the world wasn’t near because Las Vegas isn’t worried about it. Again, I fell silent, not sure what to say next.

“Where is all the money at? Vegas. If they fold then we’re in trouble,” she seemed serious. It was an interesting take on doomsday, so I just nodded. After she reiterated her belief that the world was not ending, I was led out of the double-doors and quietly returned to my car.

I had no expectations for this interview being as this was my first visit to a psychic. I had only hoped she would not see anything so pressing in my future she felt the need to tell me about. She didn’t, just a hopeful future for the blackjack tables and the Blue Men group.

Our interview may have been short, and her explanation shorter but I think we can all take away that as long as Las Vegas is full of high rollers and slot machines, there will be no doomsday.

By Kara Mason

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