PRhyme | PHryme – True To Music Review

The collaborative studio album, PRhyme, is a Hip-Hop album put together for other rappers and not to get album sales. It’s a salute to good Hip-Hop with good rhyme, infused with a taste of proper Hip-Hop etiquette.

The album was produced by DJ Premier and all the songs were written by Royce Da 5’9“. Royce and pretty much all of the feature artists spit with some real intensity on this album. Schoolboy Q, Mac Miller and Slaughterhouse all kill their versus.

PRhyme is also the name of their record label, so it’s a creative ploy to get out their label’s name. Most of the publicity has been good and the critics are chiming in with positive reviews. A lot of the good rappers have come out and vouched that this album is a real Hip-Hop album, which is a lot to say for this day and age.

DJ Premier absolutely shocked the Hip-Hop community, because these types of beats haven’t been produced since the ‘90s. It’s very raw and top tier effort from a veteran DJ. The sampling is amazing, the scratch work is invincible and the beats are pretty much classic. Seriously, I think these beats will be played 20 years from now to explain the good ol’ days.

Best track? It would have to be, “Courtesy.” It has the best rhyme scheme on the entire album and the production was class A. It was a very inspiring flow kicked by Royce, it almost shoots electricity into your ears. It’s great.

I might have hyped up the album a lot, but it’s an album that you can just listen to for free. It’s good to support great music and I suggest you do, though I’m sure a download will suffice.


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