Pleasure Discing

As a Pueblo native and former restless youth, I have vivid memories of hours spent during the late fall craving the long days of the recently passed summer, of winter mornings and melting frost-covered lawns signaling that spring was nearly within reach, and of spring afternoons spent in class eager to find myself anywhere other than school and out free in the Southern Colorado crispness. School responsibilities aside, I still find myself unable to abstain from my favorite outdoor pursuit, disc golf at Pueblo City Park.
Located throughout the northwest section of Pueblo’s City Park, found at 800 Goodnight Avenue, 81005, the City Park Disc Golf Course offers more than just 18 holes of good-natured and challenging recreation.

Pueblo’s City Park Disc Golf Course has been recognized statewide as a ‘well thought-out parks and recreation project’ by the Colorado Lottery. It even received the Colorado Lottery Starburst award in 1999. The award is funding accrued via the lottery games that take place in the state. The winning projects, selected from a list of nominations, are reviewed by Lottery Commissioners. The Commissioners decide upon a winning project by appraising the creativity of the project, economic and social impact within the surrounding community and whether the project achieves its goal.

City Park Disc Golf Course boasts of more than statewide recognition. Our city is home to the third oldest disc golf course in the nation, established in 1978. The Pueblo City Park Disc Golf Course is also a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), acknowledged internationally throughout the domain of disc golf. Along with being a member of the PDGA, our course has hosted the Colorado Disc Sports Association’s (CDSA) championships. The CDSA is a non-profit organization that encourages participation in disc sports in Colorado. The CDSA is proud to be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012.

It’s not solely honors and awards that separate Pueblo’s frisbee golf course at City Park from the drum. The course’s clout arises from the amenities that can be found on site. The course claims two holes over 400 feet in length, four holes between 300-400 feet long and twelve holes under 300 feet.

8Furthermore, all holes, except #3 and #12, have dual concrete tees made purposefully for the use of both amateurs and those who need a bit more of a challenge. The course in total measures a length of 4,750-6,060 feet, varying upon your tee choice, which makes for healthy exercise if you are looking for a way out of the monotony of simple neighborhood walks.

Frequenters of the course, non-native to Pueblo, express, “The park is a well-manicured, quality city park with grass that plays immaculately and large amounts of trees that give you a much needed break from the hot Pueblo sun.” Also, it is pointed out that the “abundance of trees in the park, as well as the long and short distance variations of the holes, makes for high a level of technicality and toughness on most holes.” That said, the City Park terrain provides numerous examples of why our course is an obvious top contender when it comes to tournament locations in Colorado.

The month of May remains memorable to me as the seasonal sign to dig out my disc and make the short trip to City Park for a round of disc golf. But with such a beautiful course at our disposal, it becomes a communal responsibility to maintain the course and conserve its form for both seasoned patrons and the future generation of youth killing time in the park.

by Charles Madrid

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