Photo Dispatches From The Grove


Situated between the Arkansas River and Santa Fe Avenue is most commonly known as the Grove. It was the settling place for many different nationalities in Pueblo as they arrived from their home land. Several Italians, Yugoslavians, Czechoslovakians, Germans, Slovenians, and Hispanics made the Grove their home and the Steel Mill their career. While the bars are a common recognition for the neighborhood today, the Grove’s history revolves around deep culture, faith, and lots of water.
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St. Mary’s was the first of the three parishes to be founded in the Grove. In 1891 an abandoned broom factory was converted to a church meant to cater to the Germans, Slovenians, and Slovaks of Pueblo. Later, in 1911 around 200 Slovak families split from the church and constructed St. Anthony of Padua. St. Mary was then popular among Yugoslavians while St. Anthony was popular to Czechoslovakians. After the flood, St. Mary’s was relocated to Blende.

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