Pepsi Center has to cancel one show and book another

I’m not sure how many Kanye West fans there are in Colorado, but you won’t be going to his concert any time soon. His show was originally postponed, but now it has officially been dropped from his tour. So, now refunds will be made to the sold out show and people will get to go see a better show with that money.

It’s okay though, you can always go see Miley Cyrus in May. It might not be your first choice, but her new tour has been all the buzz around the internet. Cyrus’s management obviously thought Denver was a must stop for the tour, so Colorado will get a visit from the new and improved Miley.

Whether it’s Rihanna, Michael Buble, Jay Z, basketball or hockey, there’s something for you at the Pepsi Center. Check out all the upcoming events at the Pepsi Center website

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