Paused Music | Editorial

It’s simply out with the old and in with the new. Over and over again, music has simply evolved and changed, but the evolution has come to a halt and it‘s time for a revolution. There’s a lot of new talent coming up, who manage to be original, but they have to duke it out with the modern day imitations, and I’m talking about poor imitations.

There’s the Hip-Hop wannabes, lame swag rappers, the new age hipsters, the new wave of Indie and Folk musicians, while Country has gone untouched, besides that dang Taylor Swift girl. The Electronica world has been twisted, ripped apart and put back together as musicians have played around with technology. The Rock scene hasn’t really changed and either has the formula for successful Pop artists.

Everything you hear is what the industry wants you to hear, but is any of it what you want to hear?

Country stations still play the same songs they have for decades. All of the Hip-Hop stations play the exact list of songs, which involve six Drake songs, five Nicki Minaj songs and mix of 20 songs that all feature Pitbull. The newest thing that’s gained popularity, is Top 40. Most stations have gotten used to just playing Top 40 tunes over and over, until it kills any of its popularity. It’s lame, played out and it seems like every station does the exact same thing. It’s boring.

The Indie and Folk movements are two different movements, but they are making similar moves. They are changing up the game. They are pushing the boundaries on what people want to hear and that’s what the music industry needs. The record labels have gotten stuck in the same routine of gathering a ton of artists that look the same, talk the same and make the same garbage music. It needs to change.

My biggest beef is with the Waka Flocka era of rappers. They grunt, moan and mumble all of their words. The incoherent music that has been developing since about 2010 has truly shocked me. From the start, the music has been rushed and they clearly put no effort into their music, but the producers who are making the instrumentals have been doing a good job. The excellent beat production they pump out is great, but it goes to waste with a 2 Chainz verse on top of it.

So, why not another movement? The Rock world needs one. The Country world needs one. And last, but not least, the R&B world needs one. If more pushed the boundaries on the possible new creations of music, then music would be good. I’m not saying there isn’t good music out there, because there is amazing musical talent out there, near and far. But, where is it?

It all gets covered up with garbage imitations. If more musicians, from widespread genres, jumped on the movement wagon and explored new territory, the music world would be bigger than ever before. Music is already one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, so imagine if good music was actually the popular form of music? What a world that would be.


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