One Direction | FOUR – Guilty Pleasure Music Review

One Direction is back, again, with their album, FOUR, which means they have released an album for every year that has passed since they won The X Factor. Four years. There’s no age limit on boy bands, but they clearly realize that their time is limited, so they have been working hard to get as many albums out of their system while they still can.

It’s very likely that the group members will move on to great solo careers, but let’s be honest, this is their heyday.

For a bunch of young 20 year olds, I’m really impressed to see them release four full studio albums. My only beef with this album is that it’s just a tad bit too happy for my taste. Is every relationship this joyful? And have any of the group members even held a relationship for longer than 2 months?

Regardless, they will go platinum once again, marking at least 13 million records sales in just four years, and a number one spot on the charts, so I’m sure they are going to have their haters. They are proving to have a superstardom that only The Beatles could understand. I’m not comparing the musical talent of the two groups, but they are a phenomenon to the music world.

OK, when we get down to the nitty gritty, the band disappointed me this time around. I hold high standards to groups that are super famous and they didn’t put out a superstar effort. It’s very simple and kind of bland. You can sing all of the high notes you want Harry, but it doesn’t take much talent to do that.

The group does possess talent, so all of the critics that are talking crap about the group have been pretty harsh on them, but they are definitely not living up to their talent. As their time together winds down, I’m actually more excited to see what they will do on their own.

Unfortunately, I have to give One Direction a thumbs down on this album and I’m not telling any of my readers to buy it. When your hit single is, “Steal My Girl,” then you know it’s bad news for the rest of the track listing.

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