No Laughing Matter

Someone once said, “Records are made to be broken.” If you ask Pueblo resident Stephen Smith, a professional clown and juggler of 13 years, he might tell you some records have yet to be set. That is exactly what the 36 year-old Atlanta native intends to do on April 6th when he attempts to set a world record by standing/walking on a 48-inch giant plastic ball known as a Walking Globe for 24 hours straight.

The idea came to him in September 2011 while working an event on the Walking Globe. A passerby asked him what was the longest he had ever stood and juggled on the ball? “‘Twelve hours,’ I told him,” remembers Smith. “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do 24?” was the response, and so an idea was born.

“When you hear about all of the negative stuff going on in the world and the economy, you hear people say we will never recover from this. It makes me think now is the perfect time for something like this. A simple thing can change the world.”

Stephen has teamed up with Fun Yogurt and 5th & Main Espresso Bar to raise money for the Pueblo Children’s Chorale during the event. Training for the event four to eight hours a day in various locations around the city, Stephen uses heavy exertion and big movements to simulate what the grueling twenty-four hours might be like.

“The most common question people ask is, ‘How do you plan on going to the restroom?’ I will use a curtain and I have been practicing by sipping water to limit how much I need to go. Hopefully I won’t have to go number two, but if I do it is going to happen on that ball.”

The event coincides on April 6th with the First Friday Art Walk and will end on Saturday the 7th. “I am shooting for 30 hours, but my goal is 24.” The record will be recorded by Record Setter, an online record keeping site that encourages individuals to set world records. “24 hours is a monumental task. This is something that provides entertainment from the ages of two to 92. We want people to come out and experience Pueblo…to experience the magic of Pueblo.”

by John Cooper

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