Nick Jonas | Nick Jonas – Finally Grown Music Review

I have to admit, Nick Jonas’s self-titled debut solo album is much better than what his group was able to pump out. Maybe his brothers just aren’t as talented as he is. I definitely think that’s the case.

Nick has elevated his game, but he still hasn’t hit the mark that I would like to see him hit. The album was a solid B album and it was strong for a singer who used to have two brothers that he could lean on. It’s interesting to see a vulnerable band member branch out on their own, but he made it out of the fire alive.

“Numb,” is a good track that just happens to showcase the change he has made. With a Hip-Hop influence and a traditional R&B feel, Nick put together an effort that graduated him from a boy to a man.

Even though a majority of the album is solid, he has to try not to make songs like, “Take Over.” His voice is far too whiny for anyone to like. He does this a few times throughout the album and it catches my ear every time, and not in a good way. The falsetto that he tends to use is way too nasally, and he better fix it before I change my mind about him being an OK singer.

“I Want You,” is a farewell to his innocent and boyish charm. He might sound like he’s still 16 years old, but singing a song about breaking into a girl’s apartment and making her yours is pretty strange. The song doesn’t mention what would happen after he broke into the apartment and that’s the weird part. When you let people’s imaginations run wild, things can get even weirder.

Will this album appeal to everyone? Of course not. You know what it will do? It will transpire to be a pivotal moment in Nick Jonas’s career. There’s only one direction from here, and that’s up. This time around, I’m saying don’t buy the album, but expect to see a lot out of this guy in the future.


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