New Music Colorado – March Edition

The River Wolf | “Self Titled”

Some genres of music do not mesh well together. Like Flamenco-Street Punk or Zydeco– Alt-Country. But the Denver three piece outfit known as The River Wolf, with their perfectly blended concoction of punk sneer, post-hardcore crush and saccharine alt-rock sweetness, brew up a cup of audio adrenaline best taken straight to the dome or shot to the heart.


Danielle Ate the Sandwich | “24 Hour Album”

Written and recorded in its’ entirety in the 24 hours that encompassed January 16, 2016, the aptly named “24 Hour Album” both out-writes and out-performs most other albums made without a time constraint. Warm and folksy/sometimes-jazzy musical numbers, rife with self introspection and sharp wit, dance together with aid of the bouncy and breezy vocals of Danielle Anderson. Perfect music for a mellow day trip or morning coffee.


Shiii Whaaa | “Shiii??? Whaaa!!!”

Do you want, nay, need a courageous band of offbeat Rock n’ Rollers, weird and frenetic and yet so-so-soulful, who punch to the gut, make hips shake, and start the party? The answer, my friends, is Colorado Springs darlings Shiii Whaaa. Also, they play a killer blend of punk,indie and fuzzy-garage rock. 10,000 gold star stickers awarded. So there.


French Kettle Station | “Dead Magnolia”

Swirling synths, lo-fi post-punk drawl and syncopated beats collide marvelously on this, the fifth release from French Kettle Station. The Denver based unit, project of multi-instrumentalist Luke Thinnes, is dance-y without being trite or boring, alternative without being holier-than-thou and posturing, and most importantly, kick ass. A must listen.

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