New Bieber Release – Journals

Justin Bieber has released a new album, Journals, and it has put him back on the charts of social media. Buzz and popularity had dropped significantly for Bieber in the last year, but it seems that he is back. Maybe not at full strength that he used to be, but he’s back. The album isn’t the most well put together album and it lacks some of that Bieber charm, so don’t expect greatness this time around. It’s still worth a listen though.

Quick note: The awesome part of this release, is that he’s offering the full album on his Youtube channel for people to check it out. A full-length album for free? Sounds good to me.

A full review of the album will be coming soon, so for now, give the album a listen.

Justin Bieber – “Backpack” Ft. Lil Wayne

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