Music Videos of the Month – Pitbull, Years & Years and more



Years & Years | "Foundation" - Youtube
Years & Years | “Foundation” – Youtube

In an emotional and dark video, Years & Years’ lead singer Olly breaks out with a showing of what he is capable of vocally. From beginning to end, there’s this low lying synth as Olly belts out, but the video is what really captures your attention. At what seems to be a funeral, a young man seems to be taken over spiritually and seems to be possessed. The guy’s eyes roll back and he lifts his arms up into the air, while everyone else seems to me mesmerized by the man rising from the dead.




In this retro-themed music video, it is exactly what the song title describes. It’s fun. There’s a bit of sexy to go with the fun dance scenes, but the main focus is on the scenery and attire. Funky colored clothes from the ‘80s and bright colored buildings in downtown Miami is the perfect combination for an entertaining video. The song itself wasn’t as impressive as I would like it, but it’s bearable enough to get through the whole music video.


The Pentatonix Video Mystery

Just about 10 hours after Pentatonix released their amazing video of the evolution of Michael Jackson songs, the audio seemed to be missing. Then, just about an hour after the audio went missing, the entire video was taken off of their Youtube page. No buzz went around at first, then people were tweeting and posting about the disappearance of the video within about an hour.

It seems that so many people were checking out the video, that the link completely crashed for about 30 minutes. Once the video was able to reload, the views jumped from about 700,000 views to about 1.5 million views. No online media sites seemed to realize that the video had caused the fans to go frantic momentarily, but it was interesting to see how upset people were about not being able to listen to their beloved Pentatonix.

The other part that made this video go viral is that Pentatonix made an amazing cover video of Michael Jackson songs. It was all done live and they nailed every song that they covered in this medley of legendary songs made by the king of Pop.




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