Music and Technology | How You Listen To Music

Since the addition of external speakers for the computer, there have been all kinds of speakers added to the way you listen to music. There’s speakers on your phones, there’s speakers that you can attach to your computer, but nothing has really improved the sound quality. 

Now, we have the Music Bullet, but there have been complaints about the battery life and the volume settings, so Aether Things has successfully went through the startup stages and fired back. They came up with the perfect idea and it is hitting the scene. You can now order an Aether Cone.

What is it? It’s a music speaker and player all in one. It has better sound and better volume settings than most of these other similar devices while maintaining some kind of simplicity. I mean, not buttons, no LCD screen and now plug. This device goes passed all of the other speakers, because this device can access online radio stations, via Wi-Fi, and it will remember the songs you play, then it’ll create a playlist of the songs you like the most. 

So, at first, you might not like every song you hear, but as time passes, the songs will be better suited to your taste. The simple design of the Aether Cone makes it to where you simply twist the dial and it will skip through songs until you find one you like.

The downfall to this project is that it’s going to cost people $400 to get their hands on one, but it’s a good start. Hopefully this innovative idea will urge other companies to come up with cheaper and similar ideas, and people will be able to enjoy the hasle-free listening.

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