Music and Technology | Bitwig Studio 1.0

After the various versions of Ableton Live, the same creators put their heads together to release a simpler version of a DAW software. After staying in the Beta stage for quite some time, they have finally released the final version for everyone to download. IT was a highly anticipated digital audio workstation that might not have lived up to the hype.

The truth is, it’s quite similar to Live, so don’t waste your money on buying this software if you own Live, because you’re paying for pretty much the same software. You’re paying $400 to be exact. 

With Bitwig, you get your selection of plugins, just like most of the other software selections, and you’ll also have a selection of instrument and effects built-ins to choose from. It has multi-track recording functionality, as well as easy sequencing, but those are things that are already offered by other DAW applications.

We want to know what the readers think, is this software worth the $400? or is it too similar to Live?

Early on, there were plenty of excited producers a out there, but early reviews showed that tech heads weren’t impressed. So, my conclusion is that if you want to produce tracks and don’t own any software, then check out the demo and see if it’s what you are looking for. Otherwise, there are cheaper alternatives like FL Studio; new and older versions.

Shoot me a tweet @FazeisFamous and let me know if you agree. 

Demo: Bitwig Studio 1.0

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