Miguel Dakota | Love & Freedom – Local Album Review

After a long journey with America’s Got Talent, Miguel Dakota was able to sit down and plan out an album. The recording process might have been new to him, but the end product was everything he expected.

“Everything you hear on this album is what I wanted,” Dakota explained. “It’s a throwback to the Rock and Blues that I grew up on.”

The whole album keeps a steady pace of groove and the bluesy vocals of Dakota really blend together perfectly. The style he brings to the table is through the roof. Right off the bat with, “Light A Fire,” Miguel and his band push the tempo a bit and get things going. The mix of high distortion riffs and straight-forward drum patterns make the perfect backdrop for Dakota’s vocals.

Once the album picks up a little buzz, I’m sure the fans will love what they hear. What Dakota was able to do on the show, he was able to do that with his own music. His funk, rock and blues persuasion continues onto his debut album and that’s exactly what got him so far on AGT. On the tracks like, “Downtown,” you’ll hear his inner funk come out. Everything on the track is groovy from the guitar comping chord changes to the layers of harmony made up by his vocals and guitar riffs.

After you get into the middle of the album, the tracks keep up the pace until you hit the end of the tracklist, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. It feels like Miguel and his band start to open up a little more in the latter songs of, Love & Freedom.

The grooviest song on the album would have to be, “Rebels.” Hands down, this track has everything to be a hit. It infuses all his favorite styles of music and he really unleashes his vocals on this one. The band was able to break passed the more simplistic approach on this track and incorporates a really cool breakdown section, which provides a contrast that might shake you up a bit.

For a debut album, this is a great start for an artist who wants to be around for a long time. I don;t have any doubt that Miguel Dakota can stretch out his career for as long as he wants. He has all the components to be a star and it’s just a matter of time before he breaks through on to the other side. In other words, make sure to check out Dakota’s debut album, Love & Freedom.

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