Midnight Memories – One Direction | Guiltier Pleasure Album Review

Midnight Memories

Columbia Records & Sony Music

From The X-Factor to international stardom, One Direction has worked hard thus far and they just released their second album. Outside of their movie, the boy band created some buzz with their new CD and it didn’t seem to disappoint the fans. With songs about love and outings with women, it seems the boys are trying to prove they are becoming men.

The most popularized and promoted song on the CD, which is “Story of My Life,” gives off the feeling that the group wanted to move in multiple directions with this album. The hard strumming of the guitar and the high energy, created by the pace of the bass drum, is quite similar to Mumford and Sons. It was really interesting to hear what they were able to create with this song and it’s enough to grab your attention. “Through the Darkness” and “Something Great” are both tracks that follow a similar path.

The full album is packed with great harmonies and good producing, but with songs like “Happily,” the group’s ability to switch up their style is what stops the listener from getting bored. Instead of having 12 songs that are 5 minutes long, the group put together an 18 track album that would offer a variety of different sounds within this one album. They took a stab at some folk, which would make it Pop-Folk, and they also changed things up with a classic rock sound.

The title track “Midnight Memories” and “Little Black Dress” were the two tracks that the group really tried to break out of their shell. They took on some Rock, but I’m sure that these aren’t the tracks that make the album worth checking out.

Overall, the album was interesting and worth listening to. I definitely think a lot more people would like this album because it has a lot less of a boy band sound. Looks like One Direction is trying to grow up, musically.

By Felix Cordova (@FazieisFamous)

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