Meiko | Dear You – Not Quite Music Review

Meiko was kind of interesting on this one. The whole project was different to what I’ve been listening to lately, but it wasn’t enough for me to go out on a limb for her. She’s a veteran, releasing music since 2007 and it really hasn’t completely captured my attention, and I think that also goes for the overall audience.

This dark, ambient version of Meiko is fun and that makes the album something worth checking out, but it’s not top priority.

Here’s the reasons why I’m skeptical about this album. Parts of the album sound like a failed attempt to capture more of a Hip-Hop sound, like on “Be Mine,“ so that’s a major mistake on her part. It’s not believable and it wasn’t a very good job on her part, if that’s the case.

If you look past that, there’s other moments in the album that help balance out what’s left. Like in “Sweeter,” she manages to capture the right energy. She has a more of a sweet sound that complements her voice. If she did more of that, then it would be more of a portrayal of what her music represents, but she wanted to seem like she has a darker soul than she really does.

She’s not an outstanding vocalist, so she’s had to rely on the rest of the music to back her up. If it doesn’t complement her, then it makes her sound bad. This album wasn’t bad, but I could hardly get through the album without getting distracted. This isn’t the album that you’re going to get lost in.

I won’t be recommending this you, or to anyone else I know.

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