Mark Ronson | Uptown Special – Old School Comeback Music Review

Mark Ronson, who is behind the instant classic “Uptown Funk,” with Bruno Mars, is much more than just a music producer. He’s also a musician and actually first broke out onto the scene as a DJ. Though he might have been brought up in a Hip-Hop culture, his later projects might reflect otherwise, especially on his new album, Uptown Special.

Ronson hasn’t had very much buzz around his music since his second studio album, but he has been a part of huge projects with Adele and Amy Winehouse. So, he might not have gotten credit for some of their hits, but he is now.

OK, that is all very different than what was expected for the rest of Ronson’s album. Once you hear “Uptown Funk,” it all changes. It’s all very calm and relaxed. It’s all slow tempo Funk from the 70’s. It might not be great, but it sounds as authentic as anything that would have been made in that era.

I have to admit it’s not bad, but if people hadn’t heard “Uptown Funk,” I don’t think anyone would have given any notice to his album. That’s the only true hit on the album.

This album takes an acquired taste that young people won’t understand, so the album sales will reflect that exactly. Though it might not be full of hits, it’s a solid album. It’s a real taste of all good things from the 70’s. It takes you back to a time you might not have ever known.

The biggest hit was obviously the one with Bruno Mars on it, because people love Bruno. It has been all over the radio and all over Facebook. When will it stop?

He should have involved Stevie Wonder a lot more, but what’s done is done.

The album is good, but no one is going to be spending money on it. Passing on it would be a good idea.

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