March 2013

March 2013


Dead Paradigms - Digital PULP

I often joke with my friends and family about being filled with an intense level of jealousy towards my kids.


The future we leave behind

What’s going to be done to address Pueblo’s greatest problem, “Doing the same thing that’s always been done?”

Culture exported - the violence debate

America’s great export is our culture. What we consider normal American TV and movies is viewed much differently if your country in inundated with American culture.

Effects of defense - the violence debate

The argument of individual self-defense often ignores the final action of self-defense, to kill, maim or injure to protect one’s self.

Media consumption - the violence debate

Does the news media focus too heavily on violence to capture viewers at all costs? 

Comedian in a field - Charley McMullen

We came up with this idea to have really great interviews with people in unique locations. The first comedian Charley McMullen in a field. 

S.C.E.D.T - the local way to tour

Sometimes you just need to come up with a creative name, fill the gas tank full and start your own sightseeing tour. 

"Women Who Run With The Wood"

“Women Who Run with the Wood” is an exhibition of wood-fired pottery designed and fired by local artists Vicky Hansen, Tracy Hartman and Deborah Hager.

Ideas of engagement - ways to spark inexpensive creativity

Colorado Communities don’t need millions of dollars to make a meaningful and lasting impact. We just need to engage our creativity.