Local DJ Scene | Pueblo, Colo.

By Felix Cordova | @FazeisFamous

Being a DJ, also known as a Disc Jockey, takes hard work and dedication, but most of the struggle is in the beginning stages. Once you can afford all the equipment and get a good grasp on how to spin, the only thing left is to find gigs. In Pueblo, there’s not that many venues, so it’s hard to find gigs, but the Pueblo DJs are trying to revitalize the local scene.

The Bomb Squadron, which is led by DJ Roy Rumble, has been doing just that, by putting their stamp on the local scene. At the few bars that hire DJs, like Smitty’s Green Light Tavern and Suite 224, local talent from the Bomb Squadron will be seen spinning there most nights of the week. Not all of the DJs are mixing music full-time, but it looks like they could be very soon. Now that summer time is around the corner, more places in town will be needing DJs.

DJ Roy Rumble has added DJ X and DJ Mista B to his list of Djs for the Bomb Squadron, while DJ Mono has remained a close friend who has been spinning records since the late ‘90s.  

“It’s tough here in town, because they don’t want to pay for DJs,” Mono said. “But I’ve been lucky to be able to DJ full-time.”

Though Mono has managed to DJ full-time, others have found it a lot harder. X and Mista B might be newer to the game, but they’re talented enough to get gigs, though it might not be as financially stable as they would like.

“I work for a merchandising company, but only until I can make a good living off of DJing,” X explained. “I’ll just keep booking shows, putting together mixes, keep promoting and keep making connections until then.”

Mista B has a similar story, but has managed to make it a little bit more full-time.

“DJing was something that started off as a hobby, but after I learned a few things and fell in love with the culture, I joined Bomb Squadron,” Mista B said. “Rumble helped me out a lot with getting connected for gigs, so now I can do this full-time.”

With Mista B and X, they both explained that it has helped them a lot to be apart of a DJ crew, so maybe this is a part of the culture of DJing that a lot of other DJs are missing. After Rumble put together the crew, many others have been able to get connects and the gigs were a lot more accessible.

“I have no compassion for the DJs who aren’t willing to work hard, but the ones who are, are the only ones I want to help,” Rumble said. “So many people say they want to DJ and then they fall back after they see it’s a grind. That’s why we have the younger DJs on the Bomb Squadron now, because they work hard and pay it forward.”

So with residencies at Suite 224, the Senate, Visions Ultra Lounge, Smitty’s Green Light Tavern and Arabian Nights Hookah, these DJs will be found in these places creating music with hopes of sparking excitement in the crowd.

Whether it be a hobby or legitimate career path, these young Pueblo natives are willing to tough it out in the Steel City until they strike gold. The goal for this crew is to eventually have every venue in Pueblo listed as a residency for one of the crew’s members and to have a financially stable living, strictly as a DJ.

Most of the musicians in Pueblo have day jobs and so do many of the DJs, but if anyone can snag the gigs in town, it’ll be the DJs. Instead of having to pay for a band, a venue could hire a one-man band and eventually be making enough money to hire both.

For more information about Bomb Squadron, just pay a visit to their Facebook page. Their page has an updated list of their upcoming shows and all the contact information you will need.


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