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Of Feather and Bone live at 71Grind 2014 (photo via 71Grind/Jacki Vitetta)

LISTEN – 13 Brutal Songs for 71Grind Fest

Like being there without getting caught in a mosh.

For the third year in a row, 71Grind Fest rolls into Colorado Springs like an armored battle tank; loud AF and set to destroy! With punishing and relentless music over a 2 day span at both the Triple Nickel Tavern and the Black Sheep spread across 3 stages, 71Grind has mutated and transform itself now what has quickly become Southern Colorado’s best extreme music festival! Sets from OC grindcore legends Phobia and Denver-area crust gods Clusterfux are sure to thrash hard, and with 50+ more local, regional and national bands who run the expansive gamut of the extreme metal and hardcore punk genres in tow, YOU WILL MOST ASSUREDLY HAVE YOUR FACE MELTED CLEAN OFF.

We spoke with 71Grind organizers Sean and Bryan Ostrow ahead of last years 71Grind. Find out what goes into such a big festival here.

If you can’t make both days or even at all, BOOOOOO. But we understand. So we put together these 13 songs for you, over an hour of raw power, but fair warning; you’d better put up the fine china, because these tracks will have you thrashing all around the house.


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