Liquid Spirit – Gregory Porter | Album Review

Liquid Spirit

Blue Note Records

This album is pretty good and quite traditional for Jazz. This album has excellent vocals from Mr. Porter and a great group of supporting musicians. Each track contains flashes of great sax playing, awesome trumpet licks, solid vocal riffs and hip keys.

If you don’t know much about Jazz, I would still suggest this album to you because you’ll get a little bit of new school mixed in with some old school. It’s made for relaxed listening, so it’s not too complex and it’s easy for everyone to understand. Some people argue that Jazz is hard to listen to, but this is the definition of smooth.

Laid back and cool, Liquid Spirit takes you on a trip through the Jazz world and gives you glimpses of some big band sounds with a small quartet feel. I had high expectations when I listened to this album and most of those expectations were met. There might be better vocalists out there, but Porter easily hangs with the. You have to remember, he has an excellent squad behind him for this album.

The highlight track of the album would be Water Under Bridges, because it contains everything that makes music worth listening to: Great melody, reasonable tonal structure and great musicians all across the board.

Liquid Spirit is made for everyone and I don’t see why everyone shouldn’t check it out. There’s a chance that more people would like it if they just gave it a chance. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

By Felix Cordova (@FazeisFamous)

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