Life of Dillon | “Overload”

Here’s my beef with Life of Dillon’s hit single, “Overload.” It sounds way too similar to Neyo’s “Let Me Love You,” to think that they came up with the song idea all on their own. They basically stole a page out of Neyo’s book and they are quickly gaining popularity because of it. It is good and, at first, I was fooled, but after thirty minutes of searching through songs, I remembered what song their chorus reminded me of. It most likely will be the summer jam that is overplayed on the radio, so whatever they did to make this song, it worked.

On top of the Folky and Electronic infused instrumentals, the lead singer brings the key component to being successful. His voice. It’s a mix of Jason Derulo meets Cee Lo Green and it’s refreshing to hear a new voice on the radio, but he’s far from breaking through as a unique talent. Only time will tell. It’s a track that will quickly get stuck in your head and that’s what has made it a hit.

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