Leading a New Cooperative Spirit for Non-Profits

In January 2012, PULP led a new way for non-profits to get exposure in a newspaper. Every month, the PULP will feature one non-profit, it’s mission and purpose, it’s events and it’s story.
For us, the PULP is a part of a larger We Are Pueblo mission: we are only as strong as we are cooperative. Instead of publishing scathing attack pieces complaining about everything but solving nothing, we want to go beyond what newspapers have been doing and been doing poorly. We believe if we criticize, we must offer a solution.

One of the ways to do this is to feature non-profits and their goal of helping the Southern Rockies and Great Western Plains.

This is where you, the community, comes in. We want you to take a involved, more prominant part of the PULP. If you want your non-profit organization to be featured in the PULP, send a short note about your organization to thepaper@pueblopulp.com and we’ll contact you with more information.

Non-profits featured will be at the discretion of PULP. Content printed may be edited to allow for content and space.

Non-profit Example (PDF)

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