Social distancing sign in Colorado.

Las Animas-Huerfano Counties: If you traveled to Denver or Springs – self-quarantine over COVID-19

Las Animas-Huerfano Counties District Health Department said in a press release Monday, residents who traveled, in the last five days, to any COVID-19 hot spot in Colorado such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Arapahoe and Douglas counties to self-quarantine for 14 days. 

The department also requested residents who traveled out of Colorado starting on March 23 to also self-quarantine. 

The department asked all visitors to remain home. 

Marijuana dispensaries in the two counties that attract Northern New Mexico customers are still allowed to operate under social distancing rules set out by Colorado. 

Residents are asked to contact Las Animas Huerfano Health at 719-846-2213 if they have any questions on the order.