Låpsley | Understudy EP – Hidden Gem Music Review

I have truly found a gem. Lapsley, aka Holly from Liverpool, is much more than a diamond in the rough. This girl has infused so much style into her music that it’s incredibly difficult to understand how no one has really noticed her. Her newest project, the Understudy EP, is a precursor of the great music that she will be making for years to come.

The four-track EP is coming after a self-released and self-recorded EP, Monday. This new project was somewhat funded by an independent label, but most of these tracks were cut from her bedroom. It’s really cool to see such creativity coming from the comfort of her bedroom.

She truly has the dream situation right now. Who wouldn’t want to do their dream job from their bedroom?

Well, what ever the circumstances may be, she’s figured out how to make her own genre. A new form of ambient electronic Pop has taken place and it’s inspiring. She layers the dreamy synth with revamped versions of her vocals and she has the ability to make it sound like the EP has 5 different singers. She’s the one woman band.

She is close to perfecting her craft, but that will come with time. She is still new to the music world, so as she develops an understanding of music, her music will be phenomenally contagious.

Get on Spotify right now and search Lapsley. If you like thought provoking videos, then visit her Youtube page. It’s quite the experience.

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