Landon Williams & The New Hit Single “Tonight”

The momentum is still going for the Southern Colorado Rockstar, Landon Williams, as his new hit single, “Tonight,” is about to drop on July 7, so mark your calendars. Williams’ new style and sound might just be what he needs to break out even more than he already has and it’s interesting to see how he can switch up his sound without changing his musical identity. Since his EP release about a year ago, Williams has had a packed schedule full of gigs and recording, so it’s about time the fans get a little treat.

The Psychedelic Blues Rock that everyone might be used to has changed a bit since his last record, but it’s far from disappointing, it’s refreshing. The young musician has managed to change up his style to fit more of a Blues Pop Rock. That description might seem odd, but that’s because he is bringing in a new sound to his hometown.

Photo - Malissa Ahlin Photography Artwork - Mo at Lastleaf Printing
Photo – Malissa Ahlin Photography
Artwork – Mo at Lastleaf Printing

“My music has changed kind of abruptly from the EP to ‘Tonight,’ but I feel there’s always a large element of smoothness in almost every song I write that keeps a musical thread going,” Williams explained. “Smoothness, richness and energy is everything to me, and that’s what I’m always trying to bring to my own material.”

As Williams looks to John Mayer for inspiration on his new single, he transcends his voice into a much higher range than he has used before, hinting at a Mayer-esque style of vocals, while making it all his own by adding in some light harmonies. Once again, he uses his smooth guitar skills to lay in fresh riffs and credit goes to his producers for adding in filters and reverb when it was needed most. The entire project came out smoothly with no visible scratches. A must listen.

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