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Landon Williams EP





Landon Williams, of Rye, Colo., has released his debut EP and it is outstanding. Coming from a smaller town in Colorado that hasn’t had the chance to produce very many musicians, Williams has something impressive to offer to music enthusiasts. He put together a self-titled, 4-song, EP that I think people will be fascinated with and will get Williams some well-earned exposure.

Williams is similar in style to John Mayer and can also play the guitar very well. They both have a bluesy style that is simply smooth and relaxing in every aspect. Between the smooth guitar riffs and strong vocals, he managed to put together some stuff that is musically inclined. It is definitely hard to put together lines of melody and still maintain a tonal structure like Williams did, but that’s what will separate him from other similar musicians.

Songwriter, singer and guitar player are all the titles that Williams has given himself on his most recent project, so when you finally hear his EP, just keep that in mind as the musical talent unfolds before you.

The stand-out track on the EP would have to be “My Heart.” It’s smooth while maintaining energy and that’s hard to do. The vocals are crisply laid out over the the drums and guitar. You can get a brief taste of Weaver at the Loom, for those who know who that is. It’s an awesome track that comes at you in waves, so this is the track that I suggest everyone to check out.

This EP is just a small amount of the music that Williams will have to offer this next year and the anticipation is already building. Once you get a taste, you’ll want more. Williams’ music can be found on his website at landonwilliamsmusic.com or you can find his music through the iTunes store.

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