Kat Dahlia | My Garden – Newcomer Music Reviews

Kat Dahlia has potential. She has the ability to construct good ideas, but she has some work to do on executing those ideas. The Cuban-American singer/rapper should really focus her efforts on her singing career, because she won’t last long on the scene as a rapper. She displays some of that on her debut album, My Garden.

I’ve heard a lot of people describing her as a rapper and they even call her flow aggressive, but it takes more than just making your voice raspy to pull off being aggressive and intimidating. Her lyrics lack purpose and when she figures that out it will only raise her talent from where it is, but her singing is where it’s at. She has this darker than usual tone that separates her from the other Pop singers around her.

“Crazy,” is one of the highlight tracks on her album and its popularity has been booming since she released it. It’s a good start to what could be a long, fruitful career. After trying to break out on to the scene for about 2 years, she finally did it with her debut album.

It has a Hip-Hop feel that compliments her voice and that’s just the icing on the cake. She managed to construct a great melody for almost all of the choruses throughout the album. It was nice to hear it for the first time.

Of course not many people knew who she was about a year ago, but it won’t be long until more people know who she is. She’s the better version of Lily Allen. Just picture Allen with swagger, because that’s exactly what Dahlia is.

It’s hard to convince anyone to buy an album these days, but this is a good album. It’s worth the listen and even worth the download. I’m definitely a fan.

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