June 2013

June 2013


King Gorge's Royal Amusement - a photo dispatch of the Royal Gorge

In late May, Ye Ming filed a photo dispatch capturing the essence of the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. 

A simple test where there are two women who talk to each other about something other than men. Many movies and tv shows fail. 

Digital PULP - That one day has arrived

You carry the world’s knowledge in your pocket. At any time, you can light up the screen, tap on a few pixels and have any question answered in just a few seconds. Powerful.

Film Essay — The Classic: Seventh Seal

Fifty-six years ago, The Seventh Seal (a film by Ingmar Bergman), used a passage from Revelation– in motif– to explore the space of time when mortals become aware of approaching death.

For the kid in you: Cartoon Afternoon - Adventure Time

A new cartoon favorite is emerging with just the right flavor of realistic role-play for anyone in need of an innocent laugh.