Johnmark’s Top Ten Favorite Patios in Pueblo

How many lunches did Johnmark put on the PULP credit card?

10. Shorty’s Backyard Bar, 29701 East US Highway 50

Imagine great food, cheep beer, volleyball, horseshoes and an adult sandbox. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Shorty’s is blast on a Sunday afternoon with your friends – it feels like going to a barbecue at your rich uncle’s house.

9. The Carriage House, 406 West 15th Street

Under the stone-cold gaze of the ghosts that haunt the Rosemont Museum sits the patio of the Carriage House and one of Pueblo’s best-kept secrets. The manicured lawn and elm trees on the grounds of the Rosemont make a lovely backdrop to a lovely meal. The Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos are something that you might be cynical about when you see them on the menu but will be enamored with once you’ve tried them.

8. The Daily Grind, 209 South Union Avenue

Amazing sandwiches, great coffee and friendly service make The Grind a place I’ll stick my head into two to three times a week. The patio is small, consisting of three small tables beneath the Cottonwood trees in the most magical part of a town that still believes in magic. If you go to the patio at the DG, be sure to say hi to Josh the cop and Ralph the old poet in the corner. These two gentlemen are there at all times.

7. Coyote Grill, 5220 Nature Center Road

The rushing water of the Arkansas River, a cool summer’s breeze and amazing cuisine make The Coyote one of my favorite places on earth. The patio is enclosed so it kind of feels like you’re inside, but a long walk after dinner will more than make up for moonlight you may have missed with your meal.

6. Sisters Courtyard, 517 West 5th Street

Did you know that Pueblo has a teahouse? Scones, clotted crème, lemon curd, sandwiches and quiche make this one of the classiest places in town. It’s simply cool. Go have an adult tea party; you’ll be glad you tried something with a bit of sophistication.

5. B Street Café, 121 West B Street

Fine dining and great service all in the shadow of one of Pueblo’s most iconic buildings, the Union Depot. Great sandwiches, like the Ruben, and sweet potato fries make this a great choice for an office lunch with coworkers.

4. DC’s on B Street, 115 West B Street

Fine dining and great service all in the shadow of one of Pueblo’s most iconic buildings, the Union Depot. Wait…I’m repeating myself. But what DC’s has exclusively on B Street is dinner service.  Eating outside on a star filled night makes this one of the most romantic places in town. Order the Chocolate Lava Cake and share it with someone special.

3. Shamrock Brewing Company, 108 West 3rd Street

The Shamie has not one but two patios to choose from, each with its own feel. The front has more sun and more visibility, while the back patio offers more shade and privacy. The back patio is one of the last places in town you can still smoke – until the waitress asks you to put it out. Nothing’s better than a Seafood Boxty, a pint of red and your favorite smokeable on a Friday night.

2. Solar Roast, 226 North Main Street

This innovative coffee house has the sidewalk dining feel of a European café. Small wrought-iron tables, a sophisticated menu and premium coffee blends give you the feeling of a mini vacation. Coffee brewed with the power of the sun and lunch by the light of it make for a relaxing and environmentally friendly meal.

1. Bingo Burger, 101 Central Plaza

A large sunny patio with just enough sun and just enough shade, a colorful chalk mural by young artists, a delicious ice-cold microbrew from a Colorado brewery and a cheeseburger  of local, all-natural, grass-fed beef make for a pleasant and tasty outdoor lunch or dinner. Bingo Burger has all the fun of eating downtown without the close proximity of tall buildings blocking the sunlight.

By Johnmark Wiley

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