Joey Bada$$ | B4.DA.$$ – Hit or Miss Music Review

Joey Bada$$ finally released his first studio album, B4.DA.$$. The kid can really flow and has the gift to create great rhyme schemes, but this time around, he’s missing something.

This guy has followed in the footsteps of many rappers, but none of them have raised the debate of their true Hip-Hop legitimacy like Joey. Is he an elite rapper? Is he the next raw emcee to go down in the history books? He has the potential, but this album was not an instant classic.

The overall message seemed way too forced and the hooks he created were lazy. He’s trying to be the modern day reincarnation of true ‘90s Hip-Hop, but it just didn’t seem on par. The instrumentals were chilled out and simple, like something you would hear from The Pharcyde, but he just didn’t kill it with his verses. He’s mimicking rappers like Mos Def and Nas, but that’s a whole lot to live up to.

I’m not going to hate on everything about this album, because it was a great effort. Joey is just a kid and he’s imitating the greats, so you have to applaud his knowledge of “real” Hip-Hop. If he could spit a verse without that fake Jamaican accent, then that alone would elevate his game to the next level.

Songs like “Paper Trail$” and “Belly of the Beast” make the album worth checking out, so it’s a must listen if Hip-Hop is something that interests you. It’s interesting what a new kid could do with all of the resources in the world.

The production is another added plus. It’s excellent throughout the entire album. It’s very authentic and reminiscent of a time when Hip-Hop was an art form.

I suggest that everyone should check out the album when they get the chance. It might have been disappointing to me, but it will be refreshing to some of those Hip-Hop heads out there. People will probably disagree with some of the things I said about Joey Badass, but it’s the harsh truth that will only make him better.

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