JMSN | JMSN(Blue Album) – New Discovery Music Review

Christian Berishaj, also known as JMSN, isn’t your average R&B singer and that’s what makes his latest album good. The Albanian singer/songwriter from Michigan can bring the soul.

When you first see his picture, a small stature man, you wouldn’t think he could vibe out the way he does on this album. Prior to releasing his own music he had an interest in producing and that’s exactly what he does. He produces all of his own music, as well as a few others. The production is actually pretty good.

The instrumentals were pretty strong and everything was played by JMSN himself. When you hear guitar riffs, that’s him playing the guitar. There’s a lot of instrumentation, like melodies played on the trumpet and that’s all him. It’s pretty cool to see an entire project like this being done by one man.

Of course for his live performances, he needs accompaniment by a band, but all of his work on the album is the blueprint behind what they play.

JMSN isn’t new to the game and he’s actually quite old in the industry. He was first signed in 2004 and has produced quite a few albums, but he hasn’t really gained any buzz until now.

With a voice similar to Justin Timberlake, there’s a lot to like from his performance on this CD. High-pitched melodies with heavy reverb is probably his favorite thing to do, because it works. If I had to choose any beef with this record, it would be that he did it a little too much.

Skip buying this album, but it’s a great little discovery.

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