Jaden Smith | Cool Tape Vol. 2 – Child Celebrity Music Review

Jaden Smith‘s new mixtape is very hard to take serious, but his entire plan for the launch of his project was ingenious. For months, he has worked his way into the social media buzz, but his last phase was the best part. Smith and his sister Willow did a crazy sounding interview with the New York Times and then released his album the day the interview came out.

So, how do you get the mixtape? Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost any money, it comes in a free app called, “Jaden Experience.” This is where it takes a turn for the worse. Since he didn’t do any promotion for it, it has only gotten a little over a thousand downloads, but it could have been huge. He let this opportunity slip through his fingers.

He released it via Twitter, yea, I said Twitter. Here’s his tweet, “I’ve Worked On This Album For Two Years And Kendall Likes it So Here https://appsto.re/us/gDaO2.i .” That’s seriously the only promotion he did for this mixtape that he supposedly worked on for two years, which is titled CTV2, Cool Tape Vol. 2.

In an attempt to sound like Odd Future, he has taken on a very sluggish flow with “zoned out” instrumentals that don’t have much to them. It doesn’t sound bad, but Smith doesn’t really have the voice or attitude it takes to be a rapper.

Throughout the album, his sister Willow plays a big role by singing most of the hooks and choruses on the tracks, but you’ll have to hear a tone deaf Jaden trying to sing behind her. He’s hardly even a rapper, so you can only imagine how bad his singing is.

I’m actually suggesting you check out the album for the experience, but I am not telling you that it’s a good album. He had some good lines through the album and not all of it sounds like he’s drugged out of his mind, so you have to go into it with the expectation that it’s Jaden Smith. He’s kind of crazy.

I just want to add one thing, the production is great. Of course he’s rich, but it has been rumored that Jazzy Jeff might have helped a bit, so that’s something to listen for. Maybe this potential that Smith has might actually grow into something.

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