J. Cole | 2014 Forrest Hills Drive – Hit or Miss Music Review

The sound on the new J.Cole album, 2014 Forrest Hills Drive, isn’t that bad and can be quite good at times, but I don’t get the fascination his fans have for his music. With the technological advancements in modern day America, it is very hard to push 300,000 records to consumers, but this guy did it easily in his first week.

So, it’s safe to say that the album will eventually go gold and then possibly platinum by January. That’s the power of persuasion with the newer generations and it can be quite manipulative at times. Cole is decent, but he’s not the best to ever grace us with his mic skills.

His production team definitely did a fantastic job of creating a groovy mood that’s easy to get lost in. The consistent tempo and clean instrumentals make it easy for Cole’s verses and choruses to shine. Props to the team that his label put together for him. I truly feel he would be nothing with the guys in the studio.

The rhyme scheme developed by Cole is good, but it falls far from great. With a rapper like this, you have to be highly critical, because so many people are shouting that he’s the greatest. Does he produce a high enough caliber to hang with the greats? No, so you can put that assumption to rest.

He is better than a lot of modern day rappers though. Just when I was starting to say that Hip-Hop was completely dead, it has crawled out of its prematurely dug grave. It might have some hope, but it doesn’t have me completely sold. Just like most other Hip-Hop albums this year, it made me grin. It took enough of my attention to make me listen to more.

In Cole’s “Note To Self,” he should add that he should never sing on a track again. It was a very appealing element that took away from the impact of his music.

Even though I have my dislikes of the album, it’s good enough to impress some. For an album that has only gained hype in the last month, it has done very well. He didn’t tell people about his album until he dropped his single a month ago, so I’m impressed with how he was able to create some buzz around himself so quickly. Or are his fans just that dedicated to him?

My recommendation for the readers is to listen to the album before you buy it. I’m not saying don’t buy it, but it’s not the classic that the record sales are making it out to be. Be skeptical.

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