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Introducing PULP Scene Reports

Up until the advent of the internet (which you’re probably on right now), the only way to find what to listen to or champion the next big thing was through the guerilla nature of reader submissions in the punk rock and rock and roll magazines. The spirit of these SCENE REPORTS changed culture,  because it was the reader worshipping new sights and sounds and kicking out the old guard.

Starting this March, PULP will resurrect the spirit of those old rock and roll magazines, and here’s how!

We are asking for your live entertainment scene reports. We would love to read and share in what’s happening in your communities. Have you seen a great local band, performance or artist? Is there a great venue or bar in your area that promotes its’ local art scene? We’d love to hear about them!

The only rule

 THERE ARE NO RULES! Oh, and all the ones below:

• 50-200 Word Count total

• Venue Name/City and other Descriptive Info

• Good Quality Photos (not necessary but encouraged)

• Email and phone number contact information

What we’re looking for

• Live Music & Concerts / All Genres ( excluding cover bands, unless you’re a wicked KISS tribute band.)

Art / Art & Gallery Openings, Live Performance, Street Art,

Literature / Poetry, Spoken Word, Poetry Slams, Book Signings and Live Readings

Theater /  Live Theater, Plays, Musicals, Comedy, Speeches & Presentations


Submissions should be emailed to johnbueno@pueblopulp.com, unless you’re TRULY ROCK N’ ROLL and send it to us via snail mail to PULP c/o SCENE REPORTS 120 S Union Ave. Pueblo, CO 81003. Submissions may be edited for brevity and/or inappropriate content. PULP will contact accepted submissions via email for print. Deadline is 20th of the month.

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