Hozier | Hozier – Breakout Artist Music Review

This is an artist that a lot of people have slept on until now. He might be young, but he sings with much experience. I can hear the anguish in the Irish singer’s notes and I can feel his concern when he talks about human rights through his music. Hozier, also known as Andrew Hozier-Byrne, has been on a quick rise of fame, but the exposure he is getting is only going to get better with his new self-titled debut album.. His single, “Take Me to Church,” went viral because of the video that was made for the song, while also putting together an album that just doesn’t stop.

“Take Me to Church,” is a story about a gay couple who is deeply in love, but greatly ridiculed for their choices. This was an effort by Hozier to explain the type of abuse that gay couples endure all around the world. Though the song has a powerful message, I think people will be mesmerized by the rest of the album.

Song after song, he finds a way to make each song good and different from the last. Even though there is plenty of variation, Hozier is very consistent when it comes to his vocal and style. He is soulful, bluesy and entertaining. He has this way where he holds back, but unleashes his vocal range at the right moments and he gives you just enough.

So, the only thing left to look at is the lyrics and he also displayed a very strong lyrical performance. Just like in the song, “Take Me to Church,” he is trying to make a statement about something he believes in. From human rights, to love and then a touch of the common struggle, he puts together a solid theme to the album for his first time around.

Hozier’s debut album, Hozier, gets a solid A++. Who would have thought this young singer would have such a worldly spirit. He speaks with experience of a middle-aged world traveler and writes like an experienced poet. It’s a must-listen for all of the PULP readers.

This is one of those albums that is worth downloading, so don’t wait another minute.

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