Horoscopes for October 2014

Horoscopes for October 2014

“A sure fire bet”—Times Magazine

Capricorn 12/22–1/19

You’re going to have quite an exciting month, Capricorn. It seems that the long trek you’ve been taking is finally leading somewhere and you’re finally going to gain some perspective on your proverbial mountain. Those born in the early signs of Capricorn can experience a breakdown, and this is an excellent time to rebuild your life—especially if you have strong foundations. Those born later in the month aren’t affected as much by the lunar eclipse that will occur on October 8th.

Aquarius 1/20–2/18

Happy October, Aquarius! There is going to be a large scale modification to the way you perceive the world. Usually, you doubt how others can’t see the world the way you do, but this month you’re going to be in harmony with everything. The proverbial walls are going to break down and the transitional lines will begin to blur. On the other side of the month, Pluto is going to try to break things down so you can build it back up.

Pisces 2/19–3/20

Oh what a beautifully cruel world, Pisces. You’re not going to be lacking any creative motivation this month. There is just so much going on, that this will be one of your major releases. You are a character of immeasurable hidden strengths, and as a challenging road lies ahead, your ethos will get you through to the end of the journey of a lifetime. Manage your assets wisely, and reassess the vision of your ideological world. After the 26th of October, you’re going to be smooth sailing again.

Aries 3/21–4/19

There is a total lunar eclipse that happens in your sign on October 8th. This is the second to last in the series of these particular eclipses until 2032. Pluto will affect your chart in a lot of different ways. The tiny mass may start to break down all that you know, in order to rebuild anew. This month will have all of the signs all over the place. It’s as if the universe has eaten everything at the cosmic carnival and is now getting on the most ridiculous ride. Prepare your celestial chip for some fresh cavalcade salsa.

Taurus 4/20—5/20

The universe has prepared a little pop quiz for you, have you been attending to your studies? This month the planets are playing a little game, and it’s up to you to rise to the forefront. Others may be seeing the world just as different as you, which can unify your perceived solidarity—if you choose. If not, choose Jiff. There are a few challenging eclipses this month and Mercury is also going retrograde. Make sure to drink some celestial tea mixed heavily with Dramamine.

Gemini 5/21–6/21

The limelight is on you this month, so get ready to feel attractive! Some people are going to be drawn to you, for various reasons. Make sure to check the fine print before you sign any contracts these people are making you mark, especially while you are under the influence of their passionate kundalini. A blast from the past may come shooting your way near the end of the month, the decision to karate chop it off the block, is up to you.


Cancer 6/22–7/22

As soon as September ends you’re going to be in the eye of the storm. All will be calm where you are, but do not put down your guard at any point until after the 26th. Why don’t you choose a snack instead of partaking in the scrambled egg messfast that the universe is creating? Change will be inevitable this month—so be as calm as a cucumber, because per the usual, you’ve got a rep to protect.

Leo 7/23–8/22

Your proverbial plate is full but you are still hungry. Get another plate and fill it up with all of the things that you want—balance is key. The planets are keeping you very motivated. This energy may drive all of the other celestial giants off their kilter but you thrive in this environment. Take advantage of all this passionate energy. Mercury going retrograde may cause some delays but it will all be worth it. Towards the end of the month your romantic life gets muy caliente.

Virgo 8/23–9/22

Since you usually have good advice, the masses are going to be headed in your direction for some life coaching. Things may get overwhelming so you may need to tell them steer clear of your bubble, before you cosmically blow all over their aura. Harness your own energy for some selfish reasons. You need to take care of the most important person in your life before you can take care of others. Don’t take anything at face value this month, so it may be a good time to stop, hibernate, and listen.

Libra 9/23–10/22

This is the time to break out of the shell that you’ve been hiding in and grab life by the horns. Don’t just grab the horns, ride the bull into the sunset of your dreams. It is 95 percent more successful to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission. The universe is aligning into all things you. This can be quite the severe month, so take things easy as you gain your confident fervor. Mercury is going retrograde throughout most of October, be prepared to breathe more relaxed towards the end of the moon phase.

Scorpio 10/23–11/21

When October begins, you will get a sample of the upcoming year. Your sensitivity will poke and prod you throughout the month—but for the better. This month will have you take an assessment you weren’t prepared for. You will pass the proverbial pop quiz with your intense focus and knowledge of the force. Keep moving to channel the fanatical energy and turn it into something positive. Change is inevitable this month. Keep a journal and jot down your jovial tribulations. Don’t make any major decisions until after the 26th.

Sagittarius 11/22–12/21

It is as if the beach boys are playing a personal soundtrack for you this month. Good vibrations are sending you goose bumps all over your life. The fire energy in the solar system is concocting something amazing. If you have any planets in Sagittarius, then prepare to have it positively influence your life. If communications go awry this month, then you can thank Mercury going retrograde–this isn’t likely to affect your sign, as much as the others.

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