Gungor – I Am Mountain | Music Review


I Am Mountain



The creative collective known as Gungor, which is led by the lead singer Michael Gungor, has changed names from “the Michael Gungor Band,” and has been on quite the path since 2010. They released their debut album, Beautiful Things, and received a few Grammy nominations. After their second release, they managed to create some buzz, but this third studio album is making huge ripples.

The music is certainly Christian-like, but revolutionary to what Christian Rock could be. Throughout the album, there’s brief moments of R&B, Rock and Gospel. It’s a mixture that never gets old. The album sounds more like a soundtrack that takes you on a spiritual journey. The ambient sound effects, the haunting vocals and motivational lyrics are too similar to some of the best worship music out there, but it is much more.

Now, the group is on a mission to distance itself from the “Christian” label, because it limits the size of their audience, but the music is good enough to grab anyone’s attention.

The title track, “I Am Mountain,” is definitely the most unique and most interesting track on the album, “I Am Mountain.” This track will be the major sign if this album is a must listen. Of course I’m saying this album is, but give this track a listen immediately.

There’s a lot less Christian theme throughout this album, in comparison to last albums, but it’ll give you a rush of spirituality. The entire album is exciting and is always pushing the limits on creativity. There’s a good amount of cool synth, there’s some guitar shredding, some soulful vocals and precise drumming that’s sure to make you tap your foot.

So, if the description isn’t enough to make you pick up a copy, maybe their concert list is. The group has been currently traveling the world and playing every chance they get. From small venues in Texas to huge ones in Denver, and now getting the SXSW official label.

The group played a tiresome lineup for the SXSW festival, which was something that a lot of other groups were also trying hard to do, but Gungor was the group that won the opportunity.

This group set aside all the constraints that most other groups place upon themselves and just dived into making music. They tried really hard to stay to their beliefs, made music they wanted to make and somehow managed to create something that was worth listening to. Some other groups try hard to be different, but this group didn’t have to try and it has proven to be fruitful.

If this group is new to you, pick up a copy right now, or it’s going to be too late. Don’t be late to the Gungor party.


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