The Ghost Inside | Dear Youth – Editor’s Choice Music Review

Heart-wrenching choruses, fast paced drum grooves and loud, distorted guitar riffs paint the picture for The Ghost Inside’s fourth studio album, Dear Youth. It’s a loud and hard hitting homerun for the band.

The concept for the album was an interesting one and it’s exactly what the band needed to separate themselves from other groups. The band leader and also lead vocalist, Jonathan Vigil, sat down and wrote a letter to his younger self. What happened next is what led to his need to make an album. He found himself explaining that he has been losing control of things in his life and it’s spread out throughout his band’s album.

Vigil wrote, “I’m writing to you now because it seems I’ve lost my way. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it started, but I know that it’s not like it was before. I’ve realized the more time that passes, the more we lose touch. It’s starting to feel like all I ever do now is lose touch with things. But not you, I never wanted to lose you.” He refers to losing his youth and that’s the exact reason the album is titled, Dear Youth.

“With The Wolves,” is a perfect example of how Vigil infused his own anguish into the album. It explores the feeling of losing grip of his surrounding and being led off of the right path. The lyrics, “I can’t find my way,” is sung throughout the song and it really hints at something that a lot of young people can relate with. This album was really well put together.

So, as you listen to the album, just imagine Vigil singing to a younger version of himself and all of the youthful fans that might be listening.

For a melodic hardcore band, I find myself really mesmerized by the energy that the group was able to put in the album. They keep the pace at a maximum throughout the entire album and it makes you want to jump up and start head banging.

The melodies and harmonies that the guitar players lay in behind the vocals makes the perfect canvas for the band to lay their heart out on the line. If you can’t feel any emotion throughout this album, then you might want to check your pulse.

Do you want to know the added element that was a key to success for this album? Jeremy McKinnon played a role in the production. If you love hardcore and A Day To Remember, then this album will win you over in a heartbeat.

May favorite track on the album is, “Phoenix Flame,” mainly because it’s the only song that changes the pace, but just long enough to distract you before the song punches you right in the chest. It’s very melodic and it has a shout-section that you can just sing or yell along with. It’s a passionate intermission.

So, I think you know where I’m going with this. Buy the damn album! It’s good music for a lot of different reasons. Just take a chance on this album and you won’t be disappointed.

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