The Fray for Free at Red Rocks, ya really

Isaac Slade of The Fray (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Earlier this week, Southwest Airlines was the latest to get into the “let’s do a free concert” thing offering up a free concert at Red Rocks with Colorado band, The Fray on June 26.

Destination: Red Rocks is part of Southwest Airlines innovative strategy mixing airplanes (something that’s not very musical) and music (something that needs a little bit of help if you want altitude). First, Southwest sprung in-flight surprise concerts with their Live at 35 series. Now with Destination: Red Rocks, Southwest will give away one free trip to fly into Denver for the Concert.

The opener will be one of six, voted on by the Internet, out of Southwest’s Artists on the Rise (POM POMs, The Daybreaks, Sundress, Broke Royals, Edan Archer and Pony League).

The Fray hasn’t been on top of the Colorado music scene for a minute, with their last album being a compilation album (Through the Years) released in 2016. But it’s Colorado so Red Rocks + Colorado Band + free = good times.

Tickets will be available on June 2 at southwest.fm.