Five Things to Do When in Beulah

By Kevin D. Healey
The town of Beulah is nestled within the palm of a unique natural beauty that is as singular as the white crow, a bird often sighted around town. The smell of wood-fired furnaces and the sounds of silence are full-time residents of Beulah and a weekend trip to this quirky Rocky Mountain community offers much for discovery. If you are looking for some new experiences in Beulah (which you should be), here are a few places to start:

Mountain Park Environmental Center (MPEC): When visiting Beulah, it is best to start your day by taking a tree bath at Mountain Park Environmental Center. Encompassing 611 acres, the pristine Mountain Park offers extensive hiking trails, guided hikes, yoga, youth education programs, other specialty events and even guest rooms for overnight visits.

We began our day with a communal dog walk in the woods with our furry pal, Murphy Le Bouf. Murphy wants to encourage you to bring your dog to the monthly dog hike because the views are spectacular and there is “always lots of new stuff to sniff.”

Stompin’ Grounds Coffee House: This café is impossible to miss with its individual charm and its flamboyantly “lefty” artistic spirit on proud display. Their wildly ornate front porch is the place where local musicians can carry on the pickin’ and grinnin’ over freshly brewed coffee and an extensive lunch menu. Before leaving, be sure to peruse the parking lot sheds. They offer free-cycled clothes, knick-knacks, whosawhatsits, do-dads and 25-50-cent quality books that are sold to benefit Beulah’s School of Natural Sciences.

Beulah Inn: If you are hungry and on a budget, bring your own bib to the Beulah Inn. The Inn offers a cozy wood-fired atmosphere, a healthy list of homemade pies and a killer Chile Relleno Cheeseburger. This place has been a community staple since shortly after the disappearance of Mastodons and certainly has what it takes to silence those nagging grumbles for good ole’ chubby food.

Uncommon Market: Whether you are searching for a framed picture of John Wayne’s floating head or a creepy doll to terrify yourself with, this antique store serves to scratch the itch of the most peculiar treasure hunters. The prices are extremely reasonable and the act of shopping here is an experience within itself. When surrounded by weird conversation pieces and oddball hats to try on, hilarity ensues. I implore you to abandon all pride and test this theory yourself.

The Songbird Café and Music Hall: Ending your weekend trip to Beulah with dinner and a show at the Songbird Café is like brushing your teeth at night: don’t forget to do it. The Songbird is a listening room for world-class blues, folk, Americana, and country acts. It is also a favorite haunt of Blank Tape Recording artists like The Haunted Windchimes and Changing Colors. The atmosphere is cozy and former Las Vegas Executive Chef John Wells adds the flair of fusion to American comfort food with an ever-changing and inventive menu. When we visited the Songbird, sweet chili chicken wings were on the roster as well as the music of Joe Johnson. There is a positive word to be said about this coupling, and I think the word is: fantastical.

Contact Information

MPEC: visit www.hikeandlearn.com or call 719-485-4444

Stompin’ Grounds Coffee House: 8913 Grand Avenue, 719-485-0852

Beulah Inn: 8920 Grand Avenue, 719-485-3106

Uncommon Market: 8869 Grand Avenue, 719-485-3114

The Songbird Café and Music Hall: 8881 Grand Av

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