Finally, Local Music Has Hit The Airwaves

It is no secret that radio stations in Pueblo have long been afflicted with a deficiency in local music. Like taxes, aging and indigestion, we were once forced to accept its absence as just one of those crappy facts of life. As a matter of fact, we used to be more likely to high-five The Yeti than we were to hear the music of Tom Munch, Sonic Vomit, American Mourning or Sarah Wood crooning their homegrown tunes to the untold masses via the airwaves.
Yet now it is happening for two hours every week in an exciting, broad and engaging format.

Bespeckled and earnest, David Browder has harnessed his long-standing devotion to our city’s rich musical culture to turn the pipe dream of having a local music program into 100% pure reality. Every Thursday from 7-9pm, from a secret bunker within KFVR studios in Pueblo, David “The Beast” Browder calls out to thousands of potential radio listeners, “You are listening to The Beat Infusion on KFVR 94.7. This is David Browder bringing you the best of local music.”

That’s right! Local music has finally hit the airwaves. Aren’t you glad that PULP isn’t making this up?

In addition to not being chained to a dusty and predictable format, The Beat Infusion offers something that has become less and less prevalent in modern radio: excitement. Remember the days of Napster? Half of the fun of Napster lay in the process of finding something new and therefore exciting out there in the ether.

The Beat Infusion sustainably resurrects these feelings by offering our indigenous musical legacy up one electromagnetic fruit at a time. Pardon my blatant and entirely partial enthusiasm, but punching infants is just as wrong as The Beat Infusion is right.

KFVR 94.7’s The Beat Infusion has opened up yet another opportunity that might not be  obvious at first glance. The good-willed and pragmatic entrepreneur now has the chance to reach thousands of listeners from Walsenburg to Fountain while supporting our resident artists in the same decisive swing of the blade. The potential for effective and specialized radio advertisement for small businesses doesn’t get more obvious than this. Virtually every listener of this program has a vested interest in our local art and business cultures. If anyone would patronize a business guided by principle, these are the listeners to do it.

Why listen to The Beat Infusion? Listen because it is huge and it is (at long last) there. Art enthusiasts, local business and intrepid music fans alike all have something to celebrate. Submit music, buy ads and write letters of praise to KFVR for doing such an invaluable community service and, above all, keep those radio dials tuned to 94.7 every Thursday at 7 o’clock to see what Colorado has to offer itself. The Beat Infusion will surely endure as long it remains supported and reinforced by the pillars of our dedicated and enthusiastic ears.

by Kevin Healey

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