Fall Out Boy | American Beauty/American Psycho – Let Down Review

This time around, Fall Out Boy at least has a song on the radio. It has been way too long since this group was good, but nothing changed that much on their new album, American Beauty/American Psycho.

Patrick Stump gave the same effort as usual and it sounds like the same old, boring Stump. He doesn’t have the ability to change the characteristics of his voice, it’s just a matter of time before people get bored with this new album.

“Centuries,” is currently being played on the radio, but it will be off the air within a couple of weeks. It had a somewhat catchy hook, but once you’ve heard this song, you’ve heard the whole album.

Every track has that typical soft Rock sound and it’s probably the same thing you’ve heard on their last couple of albums. They didn’t do much to reinvent themselves, except doing a little less electronic alterations to their music, but that might have just set them back.

They need to branch out and change things up, like maybe working with a DJ, but the band will likely fade out and not make anymore albums in the upcoming years. It wouldn’t surprise me if this album didn’t do well on record sales.

I felt it was a poor effort to make a great album, so it’s not worth spending your money on.


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