Election Apps

You no doubt know how important the upcoming election is — no matter
your political beliefs. Technology has transformed how candidates interact and get information out to potential voters. To make it as convenient as possible for voters to stay current on issues, and where the respective candidates policies line up, both candidates have released smartphone apps.

Romney’s app, Romney-Ryan, will send you alerts when news breaks regarding the GOP’s candidate. You can watch the latest ads, read over Romney’s approach to a broad range of topics, donate, find local events involving the Romney campaign and more.

President Obama’s app, Obama for America, offers a similar set of features. You’ll be able to stay up to date on the President’s appearances, his stance on the various political topics, register to vote, volunteer for the campaign and last but not least — donate.

Either app is available on Android or the iPhone, in the respective app stores. Just search for your preferred candidate and you’ll find the app.

Learning about a candidate is part of the election process, but how do you know if you’re being lied to? Most candidates tend to bend the truth a bit to make themselves appear more attractive to voters, (if you don’t agree, you should think about getting into politics) and sometimes it’s hard to determine what is fact, and what is fiction.

Solution: FactCheck.org. You can use the Web site to verify claims and statements made by either candidate. 

For example: Obama’s claim that Romney shipped jobs overseas when he was at Bain Capital are false. According to the site, the jobs in question were sent overseas after Romney had left Bain. To be fair, Romney’s claim of being able to cut taxes, not just for the wealthy, without losing any revenue are “mathematically impossible.”

Each fact is checked, then either proven to be true or false, and the findings are explained in depth. There has to be a way to hold politicians accountable for their claims — factcheck.org seems to be it.

The election season is just heating up. We are sure to see more apps released for Android and iOS, both fact checking (at time of writing, there were no credible fact checking apps in either store) as well as apps to track election results as they are announced the night of the election.

Between each candidates app, and the fact check Web site, and the various news organization apps, keeping up on candidates and election news is now easier than ever.

By Jason Cipriani

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