Election 2012: Calling All Candidates in So. Colorado

As we ramp up our political coverage for our 2012 Election Issue in October, we were frustrated there was not one place you could go to find all the candidates. At PULP we feel it shouldn’t be impossible to find good information on local races for voters.
Who’s running for what? Who are you electing? Where do you register to vote or where do you vote? We feel for everyone to make informed decisions it’s probably best to have a look at who’s on the ballot before you see the ballot.

So we are calling all candidates to send us their contact information. Please give us the best way voters can reach you to ask you questions or get involved with your campaign. Include your website, phone and email information and if you have them your Twitter or Facebook links.

Please send your campaign information to thepaper@pueblopulp.com with the subject ELECTION 2012.

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